Sandra and Dominik - April 2021 - example of complete reportage

Wedding of Sandra and Dominik was the first reportage made by terxFOTO brand.

As author of photos I'll be lifetime thankful for them as they gave me such opportunity and chance to preserve their most important day of life ;-).

I was hired as a second photographer, so I've also shoot some photos from backstage. As second photographer some of report stages (church, group and individual photos) was not be shoot from typical for such stages places (priority of first crew). On some of photos there's visible first photo-video crew, which is intentional. For same reason also this reportage doesn't contains prepare of couple before marriage.

Lovers received complete reportage with 312 best photos (all below) in three days after day when party was ended.

Check them out ;-)!

Below photos are in lower resolution and quality for network transfer optimization.

Your turn?

Check out terxFOTO offer and maybe I'll make such photos for you ;-)?

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