Save your best memories

Couple and occasional photographer

Who am I?

My name is Kamil and I forever loved to shoot photos ;-)

Over decade ago with my last money I bought my first camera, which I used to shoot thousands of photos.

Hobby and passion changed into commercial work, so I've created terxFOTO brand.

I'm at Your service!

What I'm shooting?

Currently I'm focusing on:

  • Occasional photography - weddings, ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays,
  • Engagement sessions, wedding sessions, after-wedding sessions etc.,
  • Artistic photography and any similar,

You need photographer, which will catch Your important moments? Bingo!

Offer and variants

I'm lover of simple offers - if something below is unclear feel free to point that to me!

Occasional and couple sessions

Variant Session Mini Occasion Mini Wedding
Work time 1-3h 2-4h 8-12h
Min. no. of unique photos 20 40 250
12 months internet album option, +100 PLN (30€) option, +100 PLN (30€) Included
Non returnable deposit, term reservation 100 PLN (30€) 100 PLN (30€) 500 PLN (140€)
Album / Prints Ask for offer Ask for offer Ask for offer
Price* starts at 300 PLN (90€) starts at 500 PLN (150€) starts at 3500 PLN (1050€)
Your possible additional costs** My approach,
Entrance costs
My approach My approach,
Two hot dishes,
Accommodation on request over 200km,
Entrance costs

Other products and possibilities

Contact me with details what do you need ;-).

* Every prices contains 23% polish VAT and there're lowered by 500 PLN gross marketing discount. As a confirmation I send back invoice payable only in PLN (złoty) by money transfer to polish bank account.
** Approach and return within 30km from centre of city Knurów, Poland is free of charge. Every longer distances (in Poland) are additional payable 80 PLN each started 50km's following Google Maps route (also traveling between session points). Sessions outside Poland are priced individually.

Memory is fleeting,
photos stays

Don't let to lose your priceless memories.

Photos which I will make are a gwarant of saving memories for many years.

Any questions?

Maybe the answer is right here.

Noname - it's unique ;-).

I like juicy photos, with many contrast, full of color, however it dependts on a situation.

I'm trying to shoot best photo just with camera, so the corrections and all kind of retouch and after-works are not needed.

I prefere natural, not directed photography, however if you don't know how to pose - I'll suggest something :-);

As a final product you get selected, best photos from the session after some authors tweakment. I might to listen you what kind of style you expect, but that must be done before session and corrections.

Color corrections, working on RAW material - YES.

Retouch - only on skin or nature defects.

Depends on variant which you will choose ;-).

In any case there's minimal guarantee nombers of photos - in reality mostly you will get 2-3x more of them ;-).

terxFOTO is new brand which needs more and more photos to roll its marketing, mostly on this page, Facebook and Instagram.

You need to allow me at least for 36 months of that approval. In any moment you may recall that approval or even not take it - in such case discount will be canceled.

Discount value: 500 PLN gross.

If you want to have photo session in some private areas, where it is required to pay to entrance (or/and shoot photos) - that's payed by You.

In 30 days starting from the next day of the last photo. Mostly photos are ready in 1-2 weeks.

Currently not. In 2024 it will appear in my offer.

If there's need to take such photos - contact me and we will handle that ;-).

Yes, I'm using at least two camera bodies, also I have at event at least 3 essential lens (for such work) and many SD cards.

If somehow I'll unable to record your event or I will lost work material - I'm returning all your money. Never such thing happened ;-).

I'm also making wedding short-videos

"Best part of wedding!" (translated) - one of opinion from my wedding about my video which I shoot and starred with my lovely wife :-).

Directed or not - as you prefer - just let me know if you want such :-).

Lets shoot something? ;-)

Use below form to contact with me - ask anything what you want ;-).

Photographer in Rybnik, Czerwionka-Leszczyny, Knurów, Katowice, Rudy, Żory, Wodzisław Śląski, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Szczygłowice, Gliwice, Nieborowice, Pszczyna, Pilchowice, Kraków, Wrocław, Opole, Warszawa, Łódź, Bielsko-Biała, Racibórz.

Photographer in Silesia, Photographer in Lesser Poland, Masovian. Distance doesn't matter - the beautiful photos matter, which you may have.

Wedding photographer. Occasional photos, Birthdays, Memories. Session for people with love.

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